Your Rights as a Tenant in Chicago

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The city has a large, thriving rental property industry, and most landlords operate their facilities responsibly. However, tenants can be victimized by unscrupulous landlords.

The profit motive often drives landlords to cut corners with properties. Some landlords neglect basic obligations such as repaying security deposits. The consumer rights lawyers at Markoff Leinberger have experience fighting for the rights of tenants.

Tenant-landlord law can be complicated, and tenants can be unaware of their rights under city and state laws.

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Rights and Responsibilities

As a tenant, you understand that you have responsibilities. You have to pay the rent on time, keep the apartment in reasonable condition, allow the landlord reasonable access to the facility and follow all the terms of the lease you signed. Your landlord is probably not shy about exercising those rights.

But under the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance, the landlord has his own responsibilities. Those include:

  • Providing you a written lease, even if you’re going month-to-month
  • Returning your security deposit, with interest, within at least 45 days of the end of your lease
  • Provide your apartment with enough heat so that, from September 15 to June 1, your apartment is at 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees after 10:30 pm
  • Detailing the formula used to determine individual utility costs in a multi-resident building
  • Provide a carbon monoxide detector in each unit

At Markoff Leinberger, some of the most common problems we deal with involve security deposit disputes. But our consumer rights lawyers are also equipped to handle other violations of the CRTLO.

Your rights as a tenant include:

  • Receiving a written receipt for your security deposit
  • Getting 30 days notice if your landlord is not renewing your lease
  • A safe, habitable living environment
  • Maintenance provided by the landlord
  • Raising issues with local governments about your landlord without fear of reprisal

Remedies Under the Law

Of course, rights and responsibilities are useless unless you have some means of enforcing them. Fortunately, the CRLTO provides you with several remedies if your rights are violated, and our consumer rights lawyers can help you pursue these avenues if you’ve been victimized by your landlord.

These remedies include:

  • Paying for minor maintenance and withholding the money from the rent if your landlord refuses to pay for repairs
  • Terminating the lease with two weeks’ notice in the case of maintenance failures that render the building inhabitable
  • Filing suit against the landlord to recover damages if essential services are not provided

Our consumer rights lawyers will consult with you to determine which approach is right for you.

If you live in Chicago, Illinois and you need a tenant rights lawyer to help a dispute involving your landlorad, please contact Markoff Leinberger online or call 1-888-517-9115 today for a free consultation.