What you need to know about Robocalls

As technology continues to advance, robocalls become more common. These pesky calls can wreak havoc on your life. But what, exactly, do you need to know about robocalls?

Robocalls are phone calls with rerecorded messages. These calls have increased in recent years because technology has made it cheap and easy for robocallers to make calls from anywhere in the world while hiding their true identities, or allowing them to display fake caller ID information.

All calls with rerecorded telemarketing sales messages are illegal, unless you previously agreed to be called. However, some non-marketing robocalls may be legal, such as:

  • Political calls
  • Charitable calls
  • School closings
  • Public safety announcements

There are a few things you can do avoid getting unwanted robocalls calls, including:

  • Register your phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry
  • Report the call to the Federal Trade Commission (include time and date of the call, the number they called from, your number and description of the message)
  • Consider using an anti-robocall tool
  • Use features available with your existing phone service

If you continue to get robocalls, it’s important to never give your private information or interact with the caller. Do not call back to be taken off the list—calling back can cause you to get more calls because scammers now know you are a real person.

In some instances, an experienced attorney can help you with your case. If you have received spam texts or unwanted robocalls, the lawyers at Markoff Leinberger can help. You may be entitled to receive compensation for every robocall violation you report—our attorneys can help protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

To schedule your free initial consultation, give our office a call at 1-888-517-9115. We are dedicated to serving clients in Chicago, Illinois and all over the world.


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