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Employees are protected by federal and state law when they work overtime. These laws make sure employers do not exploit vulnerable workers. However, some still might try to force you to work overtime without proper compensation. The Chicago overtime violations lawyers at Markoff Leinberger can help if you’ve been victimized in this way.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, your employer must pay you 1.5 times your normal wage if you work more than 40 hours in a week. Failure to do so is a violation of federal law.

Naturally, there are exceptions written in the law, and employers try to use them to their advantage. Under the law, employees can be labeled “exempt” if they fall under certain categories. The executive category is popular with employers.

Our Chicago overtime violations lawyers understand the particulars of the relevant laws. Under FLSA, you are only an executive if you:

  • Are a salaried employee making at least $455 a week
  • Have as your primary duty overseeing the business
  • Have the authority to hire, fire or promote other employees
  • Have at least two employees working directly under you

This isn’t the only exemption. The only truly accurate way of determining if you have a claim under FLSA or Illinois law is to speak with our overtime violations lawyers immediately.

If you’re a Chicago, Illinois resident and you want to speak to an experienced overtime violations lawyer, please contact Markoff Leinberger today for a free consultation.