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Under federal law, you have a right to be free from unsolicited fax messages. The Chicago junk fax lawyers at Markoff Leinberger have 15 years of experience helping people like you pursue justice from companies or other entities that clog your fax machine with junk faxes.

As a result of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and The Junk Fax Prevention Act, junk faxes are prohibited and put under the regulation of the Federal Communications Commission. A “junk fax” is defined as a fax message sent with the purpose of advertising a good or service without your express permission or expression of interest.

However, there is a prominent exception to the junk fax law known as the “established business relationship exemption.” If the sender of the fax has a previous business relationship with you and obtained your fax number with your explicit permission, he or she is allowed to send you unsolicited advertisements.

You could be entitled to receive $500 per fax, or $1,500 if the junk faxes were sent knowingly. Speaking with our experienced Chicago junk fax lawyers can help you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

If you’re a resident of the Chicago, Illinois area and want to speak to our junk fax lawyers about your case, please contact Markoff Leinberger today for a free consultation.