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Your credit history can determine whether you can get a mortgage, a small business loan or even a new job. As such, it’s important you have ready access to your credit report. And it’s even more important that the information contained in your credit report is accurate. The Chicago credit reporting lawyers at Markoff Leinberger can help if your rights have been violated.

These rights are protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which was originally passed in 1970. Our Chicago credit reporting lawyers understand the intricacies of this law and can walk you through it if necessary.

Your rights include:

• Inaccurate information must be removed from your credit report
• You must be notified if a lender or other entity has used information in your credit report to take an adverse action against you
• There are three main credit reporting agencies, and you are entitled to one free credit report from them every 12 months
• You can see your credit score at any time, but there will be a fee for this
• Negative information that’s more than seven years old must be removed from your report (10 for bankruptcy)
• Access to your report is limited to certain parties that have a right to it, such as potential lenders or employers

Our Chicago credit reporting lawyers can help you file inaccurate information claims and pursue compensation if you’ve been unfairly harmed by something negative in your report.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area and you need an experienced credit reporting lawyer, please contact Markoff Leinberger for a free consultation.