Three Common Consumer Credit Card Scams

The credit card fraud attorneys at Markoff Leinberger in Chicago want you to understand how fraud and scams involving your credit happen. Our consumer protection attorneys want to share this information with hopes that more people just like you can be on alert for this kind of crime.

If you believe you were the victim of a credit card scam, please call our office at 888-517-9115 to schedule a free and informative consultation.

Three Scams All Consumers Should Know

Common Credit Card Scam No. 1: Credit Application Identify Theft. In this scam, thieves will first find a way to access your personal financial information, and then they will secure credit in your good name using your legal documentation and standing. Financial institutions attempt to protect themselves against this sort of fraud by demanding original customer documentation along with checking references and verifying employer contacts. But scammers are creative and stubborn, and some will forge the appropriate documents in order to secure and use credit on your behalf.

Common Credit Card Scam No. 2: False Charges. In order to perpetuate this credit card scam, crooks use the imprint from a legitimate purchase, or they duplicate (or “skim”) the magnetic strip on your credit card to make fraudulent purchases and transactions.

Common Credit Card Scam No. 3: Counterfeit Credit Cards. This crime also involves skimming. It happens after a fake magnetic credit card strip is used to produce a real credit card. This is easiest for scammers to accomplish when they have readily available access to your personal information and financial account numbers. Fake cards and doctored credit cards are an alternate version of this same scam.

You can help catch these scammers by scrutinizing your bank statements and closely monitoring all of your financial account activity. Even this, however, may not be enough to fully protect yourself against credit card fraud. Tragically, clearing your name and freeing yourself of charges you did not authorize can be extremely difficult. This is just one reason you need an experienced and dedicated lawyer on your side as soon as you discover you have been scammed.

If you believe you were the victim of fraud, strike back from a position of power by securing a consumer protection attorney from Markoff Leinberger. Please use our online contact form to send us an email or call our office directly at 888-517-9115 to set up a free case evaluation. We represent victims of credit card scams and identity theft in Chicago, throughout Illinois, and across the nation.


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