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The FTC recently issued a challenge to software developers: find a solution to effectively and easily block robocalls and receive a $50,000 prize. The challenge garnered over 800 submissions, but only two made the final cut.

Serdar Danis and Aaron Foss were awarded $25,000 each for their proposals for intercepting and filtering illegal robocalls. Using a CAPTCHA-style test, both of these proposals include feasible ways to prevent illegal robocalls from getting through to unsuspecting cellphone users. According to Charles Harwood, Acting Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, “The solutions that our winners came up with have the potential to turn the tide on illegal robocalls, and they show the wisdom of tapping into the genius and technical expertise of the public. We’re hoping these winning proposals find their way to the marketplace soon, and will provide relief to millions of American consumers harassed by these calls.”

While these technologies are promising, history and experience tell us that unscrupulous companies will continue to find ways around blocking software and, so long as these behaviors continue, the Chicago TCPA attorneys at Markoff Leinberger will be here to protect your rights.

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