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The class action lawyers at Markoff Leinberger in Chicago consider it our life’s work to secure justice on behalf of people who have been victimized by greed or collusion in the marketplace.

That’s why, in addition to the two cases mentioned in an earlier blog post about class actions worth watching in 2016, here are two more consumer-protection lawsuits that our fraud lawyers will continue to monitor as part of our mission to provide the best possible representation to our clients.

Consumer Privacy Violations

From text messages clogging up your phone and racking up charges to outright online slander, technology companies have been faced with class action case after case due to inappropriate use of consumer data and outright fraudulent behavior. Cases involving online consumer data are sure to be prevalent in the coming year as tech companies find ever more creative ways to use consumer data for their advantage. This a great example of the importance of handling nationwide cases for consumer protection law firms like Markoff Leinberger.

Bad BP Gas May Lead to Class Action

A 50,000 barrel batch of bad gas from BP has left countless consumers with cars that stall or won’t start due to high levels of polymeric contaminants. Over 10,000 consumers across four states have been affected. While BP is making efforts to address the issue and is reportedly making payments for replacement fuel and repairs, the extent of the problem is still unknown. As the number of affected consumers grows or long-term engine damage is detected, the scope of the problem may grow substantially.

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