Karl Leinberger Representing Burglary Victims in Lawsuit Against Hospital

18 patients of MacNeal Hospital in Berwyn were discharged only to find that their homes had been ransacked and burglarized while they were away. Most of the victims were elderly females who lived alone, and this was no coincidence. A rehabilitation tech employed by the hospital, named Eric Albavera, used personal information collected by the hospital to plan and carry out the burglaries.

Karl Leinberger is currently representing three of the victims in a lawsuit against MacNeal Hospital, alleging that the hospital did not take sufficient care to ensure the victims’ privacy was protected. Failure to supervise a low-level employee who had access to sensitive, private information led to tragedy for 18 victims.

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The Law Protects Your Personal Data

The Illinois Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) is one of the strongest laws of its kind in America. It requires companies and organizations to put security measures in place for the protection of any private information they might collect on consumers, including:

  • Usernames, email addresses, and passwords
  • Social security numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • State identification card numbers
  • Bank account, credit card, or debit card numbers
  • Medical and health insurance information
  • Biometric data

If the act is violated and a consumer’s data is shared without their consent, then that consumer also has the right to sue. Our consumer law attorneys are familiar with PIPA and all other relevant consumer protection laws in Illinois and nationwide, and we will fight on your behalf to obtain justice and compensation if your right to data privacy has been violated.

Data Breaches Can Have Dire Consequences

The elderly victims of Eric Albavera’s burglaries were shocked not only by the theft and damage to their homes, but also by the breach of trust. They had relied on Albavera’s assistance with daily tasks and rehabilitation at the hospital, and to find out that someone who had helped them change their clothes and accompanied them to the restroom had burglarized their homes was unthinkable.

Albavera had access to the victims’ private information. Then, he broke into their homes and took their valuables, including items with irreplaceable sentimental value.

By suing the hospital for damages, Karl Leinberger hopes to send the message that it is not okay for hospitals to take such lax care with their data security. When a person enters a hospital, they should be able to trust that their personal, financial, and medical information is safe and can’t be abused by hospital employees.

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