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Let’s face it: these days, consumer fraud is everywhere. We hear time and time again from our Chicago-area clients that they simply didn’t know they were being scammed. These are smart, vigilant people, and they still find themselves on the wrong end of a fraudster’s scheme.

Remember: there’s no shame in being the victim of a scam. You’re the victim, not the perpetrator. And our firm is here to protect you and fight for justice on your behalf.

Of course, prevention is the best course of action. There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself from scammers and their schemes. Here are just a few tips we’ve picked up from our years of experience in consumer fraud litigation:

  • First, understand that scammers target everyone. They aren’t just going after older people or particular demographics – everyone is a potential victim.
  • Protect your data. Choose a diverse selection of high-quality passwords for your various online accounts, preferably using a free password manager.
  • Don’t open links or attachments sent through e-mail or text messaging by an unfamiliar source. Delete these messages immediately.
  • Shred your mail, especially financial documents, and keep your mailbox locked – many scammers go the old-fashioned route and steal paper documents from trashcans and boxes.

Of course, the reality is you don’t want to be paranoid and miserable in your everyday life. This means you can never be 100% safe. You can do everything right and still be the victim of a scam. If this happens, you can count on our firm to provide you with the skilled representation you deserve.

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