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As a consumer, you have certain rights. There are a variety of state and federal laws which protect you from dishonest and harmful business practices. When lenders, debt collectors, credit bureaus, banks, and other businesses engage in consumer fraud, you may be entitled to recover compensation for any damages suffered at the hands of their actions.  In some cases, you may be entitled to recover money called statutory damages even if you are not directly injured or damaged.

The consumer rights law firm of Markoff Leinberger represents victims of consumer fraud. We handle both individual and class action lawsuits for clients in the Chicago area. Please call 1-888-517-9115 today to schedule a free consumer law consultation regarding your rights.

Types of Consumer Fraud Cases

Consumer fraud laws cover a wide range of dishonest practices. Our attorneys regularly handle consumer law claims involving:

This list is by no means exhaustive. Even if your case is not listed above, contact Markoff Leinberger about your rights.

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Why Choose Markoff Leinberger

Consumer fraud cases are highly complex, and you will need an experienced attorney on your side to achieve the successful outcome you deserve. The Chicago consumer fraud lawyers at Markoff Leinberger have decades of experience handling consumer cases.

Focused on representing plaintiffs, Mr. Markoff and Mr. Leinberger have experience handling both sides of consumer fraud claims which gives them a unique perspective.

When you work with Markoff Leinberger, you will receive close personal attention from one of our partners during your case. This hands-on service will give you the edge you need to recover the compensation you deserve.

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