Class Action and Consumer Fraud Case Referrals

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If you are a lawyer looking to refer a client to a consumer rights attorney, please contact Markoff Leinberger online or call our Chicago office directly at 1-888-517-9115.

We Can Help

Consumer fraud rights and class actions can be exceptionally complex and often require a great deal of time. Markoff Leinberger knows these cases well. Consumer litigation requires a particular knowledge.

Many attorneys have thriving, successful practices in non-consumer areas of law but may not feel like they can give a client the best possible representation in a consumer dispute. That’s when it’s time to contact us online or by telephone.

Here are reasons to consider Markoff Leinberger with your consumer and class action case referral:

Experienced counsel: Our firm has the particular knowledge and experience required to successfully pursue your client’s consumer or class action case. We understand the relevant consumer protection laws and know how to investigate these difficult cases.

Referral fees:  We will pay referral fees to attorneys that refer clients to us with a case that results in recovery of attorneys' fees.  All referral arrangements must comply with Rules of Professional Co

Co-counsel: We can assist attorneys with consumer or class action cases due to unfamiliarity with the practice area or a desire to share responsibility and resources.

Broad Legal Experience

Speak to us if you’re looking for an attorney with the following casework experience:

What’s more, as your co-counsel, Markoff Leinberger is dedicated to securing:

  • A win for your client, who gets the benefit of decades of experience; and
  • A win for you, who gets the client the skilled representation you’re seeking for him or her and potentially a referral fee.

Ready with Answers

If you’re in need of assistance with a consumer fraud case in the Chicago, Illinois area and want to speak to our attorneys about a possible relationship, please contact Markoff Leinberger online or by phone at 1-888-517-9115.