Chicago Consumer Lawyers Offer Five Fraud Prevention Tips

003_dollar_banknotes from free use pic Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer fraud research indicates that even the most sophisticated and educated consumers can unknowingly stumble into a fraudulent situation – a fact that the consumer fraud lawyers at Markoff Leinberger know all-too-well.

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Becoming a Savvier Consumer

In the wake of The Great Recession, many consumers remain rightfully wary about the safety of their money and the vulnerability of their spending decisions. Although there may never be a 100 percent foolproof stopgap against consumer fraud, credit reporting problems or even identity theft, there are steps that consumers can take to shop and save more wisely.

As technology has marched ahead, so too have the strategies that scam artists use in order to coerce consumers to part with their money or divulge their personal information.

So here are five steps that the FTC recommends consumers take to avoid fraud:

Practice money wire wariness Wiring money is much like sending cash as money wires are challenging to trace or reverse, especially those to strangers or entities overseas.

Hold fast to your funds Avoid wiring money or sending money to an unknown or unfamiliar person or business.

Ignore “phishing” messages At their onset, it seemed like “phishing scams” were germane to electronic messages. But these days, crooks can target consumers via e-mail, text message, phone calls and social media posts and messages. Know that the whole purpose of “phishing” scams is to get the end-user (that’s you!) to reveal personal information.

Play shopping detective Before sending money or authorizing any type of long-distance payment, sniff out a business’ physical mailing address and phone number. Start with an online search of the company’s name and website, and look for reviews.

Become a statement librarian One downside of the electronic age is that fewer consumers receive printed account statements. But since scam artists tend to run up fraudulent charges, and some companies have been known to tack on fraudulent fees, an account statement is your first and best hint that you’ve become the victim of consumer fraud.

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