CBD Miracle Health Claims: Don’t Be Deceived

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently erupted in popularity. A Gallup poll found that one in seven Americans use CBD-based goods. But false advertisements for some of these products go beyond the available science — and the law.

If a CBD product says it can prevent or treat serious health conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, or chronic pain, you should take that promise with a grain of salt. Otherwise, you could end up wasting your money and even putting your health at risk.

Here’s the problem: There’s a lot to learn about what CBD can and cannot do. Yet some CBD companies are using bogus promises to increase sales. That’s called health fraud.

Fraudulently marketed health products can have serious consequences. For example, they can keep people from pursuing the necessary diagnosis and treatment from a health care professional. They can also be expensive. Hopeful consumers may wind up wasting a lot of money on a product that will never deliver on its promises.

The bottom line is that CBD companies must have reliable scientific evidence to support any health claims that they make for their products. Otherwise, they open themselves up to a false advertising lawsuit.

Have you purchased a CBD product because of miracle marketing claims? The FTC is working to hold companies accountable. You can report the situation to help protect others from being lured in by misleading or false health promises.

Avoid Being Tricked by a CBD Cure-All

Interested in alternative ways to manage health conditions or symptoms? These steps can help you avoid being tricked by false advertising:

  • Talk to your doctor to learn if using CBD makes sense for you.
  • Consult your doctor before you stop taking your prescriptions.
  • Be suspicious of CBD products with guarantees or miracle claims.

Find Out if You’re Eligible for Compensation

If you’ve been deceived by false advertising, contact Markoff Leinberger at 888-517-9115 for a free case evaluation. Consumers have the right to truthful advertising. You could be entitled to compensation. Our consumer law attorneys serve clients in Chicago and nationwide.


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