What is a Contingency Fee Payment System?

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At Markoff Leinberger, our Chicago consumer fraud lawyers understand that money is always a consideration for our clients, particularly after you’ve been the victim of consumer fraud. We’re committed to helping all of our clients achieve the justice they deserve, no matter your financial status.

Our Chicago consumer fraud lawyers work on a contingency fee payment system. What does this mean for you? Put simply, it means we don’t earn any money if you don’t.

Unlike many lawyers, we don’t charge our clients any hourly fees. Instead, we charge a percentage of your final settlement or award, should you win one. The exact number will be made clear to you before you sign any agreements with us; Markoff Leinberger believes in transparency and clear communication at all points.

With this system, our Chicago consumer fraud lawyers provide equal access to the legal system for all clients. It also provides us an incentive to take the cases with a real chance of success, which means you can trust in our judgement when we advise you on the best action for you to take at your initial consultation.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area and want to speak with our consumer fraud lawyers, please contact Markoff Leinberger today for a free consultation.