5 Tips to Help You Avoid Travel Scams

Lockdowns are lifting and vaccines are becoming readily available. Those changes are evident in the travel industry. As many as 72% of Americans have plans to vacation in 2021. If you’re in that group, our attorneys have five tips to help you avoid scams: 

  1. Don’t pay until you know the terms: Request a copy of the cancellation and refund policies before you pay for flights, lodging, and other major travel expenses. If you can’t obtain that information — or your request gets denied outright — then it’s time to back out.

  2. Reject those robocalls: You’ve received your fair share of robocalls over the years. But have you ever gotten one that offered a vacation deal at a discounted rate? Turns out the company behind it may be breaking the law unless you’ve given them written permission to sell you something that way. At best, it’s poor practice; at worst, it’s a complete scam.

  3. Do your research: Are you dealing with an unfamiliar travel company, agent, hotel, or rental? Look them up online to make sure they check out. Read reviews from other people before you decide to trust them. Verify any addresses to see if they’re real. You can even pair the names in question with terms like “scam” or “fraud” and watch if your search returns any red flags.

  4. Fight back against false advertising: False advertising has made its way into every industry, and travel is no exception. From hidden fees and surcharges on airfare to vacation package bait and switch schemes, consumers can face many pitfalls when booking getaways. Fortunately, false advertising is illegal, and victims may be eligible for compensation.

  5. Say no to non-reversible transactions: Never pay for travel expenses with gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency. If someone asks you to use one of these non-reversible payment methods, they’re probably pushing a scam. Even if their offer is real, you won’t be able to get your money back if something goes wrong. 

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