Markoff Leinberger Attorney Reviews

Consumer Rights Law Firm Serving Clients in Chicago, Illinois, and Nationwide

“Markoff Leinberger is an outstanding law firm.  As a client, I’ve experienced markedly superior legal representation from this firm.  They fought hard for my rights.  Both as a lawyer and as a consumer of legal services, I highly recommend Markoff Leinberger for your legal needs.”

-Dr. Richard Mitchell, client & attorney

“Markoff Leinberger gets results.  When I needed to sue to protect my copyrights, they jumped in and tackled it head-on.  They were diligent and took time to explain the legal issues to me.  They made sure that I understand, so that I made informed decisions about my lawsuit.  Their expertise and dedication gave me peace of mind knowing that my legal rights were in good hands. Markoff Leinberger has the ability to not only understand the nuances of complicated federal law, but also the creativity to develop an unorthodox legal strategy that pushed us over the finish line in an unprecedented legal win involving one of the world’s largest retailers.”

-Peter Rosenbaum