Bait and Switch Schemes

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Commerce relies upon honest dealings. A customer has to be able to trust that a business will honor its representations and promises. The Chicago consumer fraud lawyers at Markoff Leinberger have long recognized that the infamous “bait and switch” scheme is a fundamental betrayal of a customer’s rights.

Unfair business practices are never acceptable, and you have options beyond complaining to the Better Business Bureau. Laws provide you the opportunity to seek justice and compensation in court as a victim of a bait and switch scheme.

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What Are Bait and Switch Schemes?

At its simplest, a bait and switch scheme is simply an arrangement in which a company advertises a product or a service at a certain price, then tries to get the customer to spend more money or accept a different or lesser product at the time of the sale.

Of course, there are numerous intricacies to this. Legally speaking, the key element of a bait and switch scheme is an inability to actually keep the promise made in the advertisement. It is not illegal for a company to offer a certain deal, then aggressively try to convince a customer to choose another product, so long as it is willing to follow through on the original deal.

And it is legal for a company to offer a limited number of products at a low price as an enticement to customers so long as the advertisement makes clear that supplies are limited.

However, if the company had no intention of ever following through on the deal or did not include the proper warnings in its advertisement, you may have a case for false advertising.

Examples of bait and switch fraud include:

  • “Teaser” rates with an undisclosed price increase at a later date
  • Offering one rate, then loading the customer with other fees and costs
  • A price advertised that applies to a very narrow type of the product

At Markoff Leinberger, we’ll evaluate your case at a free consultation to determine if you’ve been the victim of a bait and switch scheme. If you have, our consumer fraud lawyers can help you pursue your legal options.

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