Food Labeling Laws and Your Consumer Rights

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In the wake of persistent nationwide concerns about food-labeling, our consumer rights lawyers noted that the recent election cycle saw voters in at least one state shoot down an initiative that would have made it the law for food producers to label any product that includes genetically engineered ingredients.

While proponents of the initiative argued that labeling the Genetically Mortified Organisms in our food is already happening in many countries and would only serve to underscore consumer transparency, the initiative (in Colorado) failed because voters believed it too vague and difficult to enforce.

Opponents of the initiative also successfully argued that the USDA’s already-established National Organic Program, which places strict production and labeling requirements on organic food producers, is sufficient.

When a food product carries the certified “USDA Organic” label, it means the producer:

  • Works to protect natural resources and biodiversity
  • Supports animal health and welfare
  • Only use approved materials
  • Never uses genetically modified ingredients
  • Undergoes regular site inspections

The USDA also investigates consumer complaints against organic farmers and food producers whom are suspected of violating its food safety, handling and labeling guidelines.

None-the-less, food mislabeling happens and has resulted in class action litigation.

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