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Many Americans are in debt, but may not realize that even though they owe money, they are still protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under this act, you do not have to put up with harassment or abuse by debt collection agencies. In addition, debt collectors cannot provide you with false or misleading information.

Our debt collection attorneys Paul Markoff and Karl Leinberger are currently involved in a class action suit against a debt collection agency that allegedly providedhow can a debt collection lawyer help you misleading information to thousands of debtors, using language that implied that these debtors could be sued for failing to pay a debt despite the debt being time-barred. The collection agency also failed to provide the information that making a payment or promise to pay on the debt would revive the ability to sue for it.

You should know your rights as a debtor, so that collection agencies can't take advantage of you. You may need a debt collection lawyer in Chicago if:

  • You have been contacted by a collection agency outside of the hours between 8am and 9pm
  • You have been contacted at work by a debt collector
  • You have received robocalls from a debt collector
  • A debt collector has given you false or misleading information
  • You have been threatened by a debt collector
  • You have been the victim of abusive language or harassment, including receiving multiple calls per day from the same debt collection agency

You also have the right to validate your debt. If a debt collector contacts you about a debt that you don't think is legitimate, request proof of this debt before paying anything. In addition, if you request in writing for a debt collector to stop contacting you, they must do so in most cases.

Be aware, however, that if you do not pay a debt that you legitimately owe, you may risk being sued. Your credit report may also be negatively impacted.

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